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Canadian doctors are quitting life-saving transplant work due to ethical concerns with MAiD.

Watch our full interview with a transplant anesthesiologist who shares concerns about MAiD and organ donation.

Canada performs more organ transplants from MAiD donors than any country in the world, CTV reported last June.

We came across that surprising stat as we were working on episodes of our docuseries MAiD in Canada. We started to ask questions. That led us to our next episode, which focuses on organ donation after MAiD.

As we finalize the episode, we wanted to share our full interview with Dr. Claire Middleton who has worked as an anesthesiologist for more than 25 years.

Dr. Middleton discusses how transplant organs sourced through MAiD took her by surprise and impinged on her professional life. She was side-swiped when she learned that a liver transplant she assisted with was sourced from a MAiD donor.

She had no idea the healthcare system was harvesting organs from MAiD patients. What was even more alarming to her was that there was no discussion among members of the healthcare team about the process and its implications.

The scary thing for me is the loosening of criteria around MAiD and… potentially taking organs from people that do not have life-threatening illness.

If we harvest organs from recipients of MAiD, that validates MAiD and gives it extra justification and perhaps would [push] some vulnerable people… along a path they might not otherwise have considered.

~ Dr. Claire Middleton

Watch the full interview

It’s an important interview and an important conversation. We hope you enjoy it. Please share it with a friend!


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~ The Kooman Brothers

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