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Episode 5 - What's your favourite movie?

Episode 5 - What's your favourite movie?

The Kooman Brothers attempt to answer the impossible Q, with notable surprises.

It’s a totally unfair question. It doesn’t even seem right to ask! And we ask it of each other a lot…

What’s your favourite movie?

Andrew, Matthew and Daniel start off this episode by guessing which film each other selected as their favourite.

Dan, of course, tried to dodge, and while we negotiated and argued about what terms like “Movies” and “Favourites” even mean, we ultimately landed on some gems.

Things we discuss:

  • Why it’s unfair to ask the 'favourite' question and why it's so tough to answer.

  • Different criteria for choosing a good movie (story, director’s vision, etc).

  • Bodies of work by incredible filmmakers.


We’d love to hear what you’re watching. A movie that changed you. Or something you think we should watch. Drop us a comment and share a movie that impacted you!

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