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Need Advent readings? We got you covered.

Unveil plans on YouVersion that will bring some holiday inspiration.

Ugly Christmas sweater. Check.
Stocking stuffers. Check.
Toblerone chocolate. Check.

But wait… do you have Advent readings?

If you’re looking for Advent content, we have three great plans on YouVersion the Bible App that you can read for free. We know they’ll bring inspiration to you and your family this Christmas.

UnveilTV on YouVersion the Bible App - read the inspiring plans for FREE

As official content partners with YouVersion we were so thankful to learn this week that our plans already have over 20,000 downloads. What an honour for us to bring hope and encouragement to people around the world in this way.

Unveil Christmas devotions on YouVersion

  • Cherish the Advent. Experience Christmas through the eyes of well-known Bible characters. This 5-day plan features Mary Magdalene, the Gospel writer Luke, Queen Esther, the Boy with the Miraculous Lunch, and the Inn Keeper, who had no room for Jesus. Get inspired by their reflections on True Freedom, Real Love, Deep Hope, Big Faith, and Genuine Peace.

  • Hearts Adorned with Wonder - A 3 Day Wonder Challenge. Feel like the wonder of Christmas gets lost amidst all of the digital distractions and busyness of the season? This 3-day plan will help you to adorn your heart with wonder. Each day includes a "Wonder Challenge," a short, practical activity that will help to bring some wonder into your life through a reflection on a part of the story of Jesus' birth.

  • Voices of Advent. Do you want to refresh your sense of awe this Christmas? The Voices of Advent plan explores 4 famous miracles from the Bible as four desperate people meet Jesus for the first time. A powerful reminder about encountering Christ is the essence of Christmas.

As you prepare for Christmas, we wish you all the hope and warmth of the season.


Matthew, Andrew and Daniel (The Kooman Brothers)

Unveil some inspirational gifts this Christmas

Looking for some meaningful gifts for the people in your life this holiday season? Here’s some great ideas to Unveil inspiration:

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