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Riding wild horses: DANIEL behind the scenes

Casting stallions in India and seeking locations that say "Babylon"

Horses, camels, sheep, humans. We work with them all.

Our favourite talent are still human though. We cast incredible actors from Asia for the December shoot in Rajasthan for our new Biblical drama, Daniel. Today’s behind-the-scenes unveils one of our talented prophets in the film, Habakkuk, as played by Indian actor, and India’s Top Model winner (2018), Mahir Pandhi.

Mahir Pandhi riding in Rajasthan, Raan desert, India.

But Habakkuk, the messenger prophet, would not be complete without his white horse. Join us behind the scenes for a glimpse into casting equine talent in India. Spoiler alert: they were thin, but beautiful steeds.

And if you’re inspired by the work we are doing to bring inspiring stories to life, including the new Biblical epic Daniel, please take two minutes to chip in. Your support means the world to us at Unveil, and literally gets the job done. A big thank you to those who have contributed so far. We will remember your names and are eternally grateful.

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Hammy Mir as Ashpenaz, captain of the guard, in Daniel.

Follow and join the adventure

We hope you’ll join us for this adventure of faith and film. We’re excited to see how this story, told in this way, can stir a spirit of adventure and faith in people around the world.

Cinematographer Santosh Sivan with our Line Producer Abhijeet standing in for Jeremiah the Prophet.

We invite you along, and we need prayer and support all the way. You can follow the journey right here through our emails and get more exclusive footage about the film on our new Daniel page on UnveilTV.

DANIEL on UnveilTV

If you know people who like to watch faith and family content, spread the word. And, if you know people with resources to invest in projects like this, please tap them on the shoulder. We need audiences and investors to bring this film to life!

Daniel Kooman directing Zain Khan Durrani in Daniel.

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