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What to watch this weekend # 4

What to watch this weekend # 4

A comedy to make you laugh amidst inflation and some international pics

Each week we send out movie recommendations to email subscribers and subscribers to our streaming platform UnveilTV. It’s where we’re cultivating a list of films that are worth your time. Where you can watch what inspires you.

We also thought it’d be cool to add to this mix recommendations + reviews of films that we enjoy and have shaped us from outside our streaming service.

What to watch this week on UnveilTV

This week we dedicated a podcast episode about the launch of our Unveil International Film Festival. We’ve already selected some great titles that you can find on UnveilTV.

It’s a growing list of amazing filmmakers, creating films from around the world. So far we’re featuring films from India, Brazil and Australia. If you want new perspectives this weekend, go check them out.

Unveil International Film Fest

Streaming elsewhere?

Millions, Danny Boyle - Streaming on Disney+

After recently losing their mom to cancer, two brothers, the 9-year-old Damian and the older, more world-weary Anthony, find a bag of money and decide to try to spend it without telling their father. A touching film about love and generosity.


Let us know if you enjoy the films!

And, drop us a comment about a film you love. We’d love to be introduced to one of your favourites. Perhaps we’ll feature it as we chat about more great films.

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